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Our Vision

The vision of Kindles For Kids is that every under privileged child aged 5 to 18 years old learns to read early and well through the use of a Kindle, thereby reaching his or her full potential in school and ultimately in life.

How to help

It's no secret that non-profits rely on the compassion and generosity of their community members. Please join us in this important work by providing financial support if you are able. Contributions of all amounts are appreciated and honored. Remember, we can buy a child a book for just a few dollars! Naturally, business partnerships and grants by large sponsors are essential to the sustainability of our Kindle inventory. We are deeply grateful to our dedicated and hard working volunteers as well.

Why Kindles For Kids?

Studies have shown that giving children access to books at a young age gives them the motivation to read. These children end up getting better grades in school and being more successful in the long run. Another feature which should be considered is the Kindles "Text to Speech" function. Kids can read more difficult texts on their own and increase their reading comprehension and vocabulary recognition.


Latest project

“Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

Kindles For Kids is currently fundraising for the second half of 2012. We are looking for Sponsor donors, accepting Kindle or In-Kind Donations, and looking for new Volunteers in Garfield County, Colorado to help us charge through 2012 into a more literate 2013.

Kindles For Kids is setting up new projects monthly by community and will host various fundraising events to support them.





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