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Drew Sakson has over twenty years of experience in hospitality, fundraising for various charities, and working various positions from a Street Sweeper to a CEO. He attended Fairfield University and majored in Chemistry and Business Administration.  Drew also holds his real estate license for the last 30 years with an emphasis on valuation.

Drew Sakson was one of the youngest EMT's in the State of Pennsylvania at the age of 15 and then at the age of 17 he became a full medic trained with the US Navy and Marines.  Drew leads by example; setting the standard, training to that standard, and monitoring the set standard each and everyday.

Drew currently resides in Carbondale, Colorado and he feels very passionate about Kindles For Kids and the cause.  He dedicates his time as a volunteer to the charity and works full time in the hospitality industry.


Secretary and Director

Through our free program, Kindles For Kids serves young readers and writers who have the greatest needs, including children in shelters, children in low-income housing, children from low-income families, children in the free lunch program, children in households undergoing severe economic challenges, and many other at-need youth.

Kindles For Kids does not receive any state or federal funds. Our programs are supported entirely by donations from individuals, companies, foundations, and social organizations. We hope you will support Kindles For Kids important fight for literacy, one kid at a time. Thank you!

Kindles For Kids is a non-profit organization whose mission is to nurture a love of reading and comprehension among children throughout Colorado. Since 2012, Kindles For Kids has begun to serve more than 600 children in communities across Colorado with a strong focus on Garfield County, Colorado and the intent to grow nationwide.

Kindles For Kids targets two groups of children from age 5 to age 18:

     Children in households where resources are limited and free lunch

    is provided
    Children who are at high risk of growing up with low literacy skills

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